Women At Hatheli

Hatheli is a home grown brand majorly catering to Apparel segment. Hatheli, as the name suggests, “from hands”. Every garment at Hatheli is unique in its own way and handcrafted beautifully from artisans' hands. Hand Block, Hand Paint, Hand Work, Hand Dying. All these techniques are beautifully crafted on the garments. Every woman at Hatheli is very special and has her own efficiency levels to perform the tasks and meet the targets. There are 3 main pillars of every Hatheli - the founder & leader who sets up the vision and leads the team. Then the designer creates the designs which reflect the idea of hatheli. Last but not least, the production and dispatch team , which make every effort to deliver the right product at the right time to every customer.

Richa Khandelwal  Founder - HATHELI 

Started the journey at a very young age. She became the mother of twins at the age of 24. Gaining experience of around 7 years in garments & e-commerce. Later, at her 32 in 2021, Hatheli came into inception as a second D2C brand by her. Hatheli was introduced, keeping in mind how one can get the hand touch and values of local art intact in the most efficient way and can be flaunted in everyday life by an individual. The vision of Hatheli is to identify the fashion trends and amalgamate them with the culture and values and bestow a fusion from our palm to yours. Hatheli offers the best of the collection, including Suits sets, Dresses , Gen Z , Tops- Shirts for women. For Men, Shirts , Kurtas & Jackets. Little Hatheli offers both boys' & girls' collections, including sibling sets. One can simply jump into Hatheli attires for every occasion and outing. 

Aastha Jaiman, Senior Designer 

She is a young girl wholeheartedly working with Hatheli since its inception. She knows what to design , how to design and for whom to design. Every design created by her has its own story and theme. There are several challenges which often come every day while planning things, but somehow she manages every small and big concern and tries to deliver all her creativity in no time. 

Rashmi Khandelwal , Production Manager 

She is a young girl , a mother of 2 yet so energetic and hardworking. Her round the clock working efficiency has made the shipments more easy and flawless. She knows how to get the production done in less time, making the optimum utilization of the resources. A team of 6 women work under her who takes care of all the finishing , QC and hand work. She makes sure that every article dispatched is QC approved and in its best condition. Her endurance is commendable.


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