Our Story

Hatheli is a handcrafted Indian Sustainable Lifestyle brand created with love and passion. Our product line is inspired by the local artisans around India. Hatheli has been modernised and consciously formulated with the best design sense. Hatheli was founded by three people who wanted to spread Indian values and art to a wider audience. Developing a further base for ladies who need to make progress and are incredibly gifted with their craftsmanship, Hatheli firmly supports women empowerment.

Our palm to yours

Hatheli is a Hindi origin word that means ‘Palm of the Hand’. Hatheli's products are the culmination of wholly human-created enchantment, hence we value rawness and inventiveness.

Made In The Lap Of Nature

Hatheli products are inspired by Local Artisans Work. We use hand dyeing techniques - Bandhani, Lehariya, Clamp dying, Ombre, Sibhori, Batik, Block printing, Bagru Print, Sanganeri Print, Dabu, Indigo, Hand work, Kantha work, Adda work, Sequins work, Embroidery, Mirror work, Dabka, Gota Patti, etc.
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