Hatheli, founded by "Richa & Agrata" aims at 100% sustainable clothing under leadership of famous celebrity poet "Dr Kumar Vishvas". "HATHELI" is a Hindi origin word that means ‘Palm of the Hand’. Hatheli's products are the culmination of wholly human-created enchantment, hence we value rawness and inventiveness. The idea was pulled up as an initiative for women to grow in the field of handmade clothing by women artisans of India. We feature a wide scope of women's ethnic apparel at a reasonable value range. Fabricated minutely, Hatheli gives tastefulness to your regular style.

Developing a further base for ladies who need to make progress and are incredibly gifted with their craftsmanship, Hatheli firmly supports women empowerment.

We at Hatheli aim to develop a sustainable and inexpensive lifestyle brand in India by working with enthusiastic rural women artisans to help them rise above their circumstances.
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