Lehariya - The Tradition of Rajasthan

Lehariya is not just a technique or an attire but a culture , a tradition being followed by every Rasjathani for years. There are many hidden facts behind Lehariya which people from outside Rajasthan are not aware of -

1. Lehariya attires are considered to be worn in the rainy season in Rajasthan.
Lehariya comes from the work lehar which means wave. It is a tie dye practice that comes out in diagonal stripes,which look like waves on the fabric.
2. Lehariya is also a mandatory gift at a wedding. It is a tradition of gifting a lehariya saree or suit to the new bride through her mother-in-law.
3.Lehariya is also celebrated as a festival in Rajasthan. Nowadays, many fests take place by the name of Lehariya utsav specially for women with a Lehariya theme, where they enjoy monsoon, dance play and have fun.
4. Lehariya is generally worn by all the women in Rajasthan on special occasions, like Sinjaara , Teej , Gangaur, Rakhi etc.
5. The Lehariya theme has become very popular among the Rajasthani Weddings for Haldi & Mehndi Ceremonies as well.
6.Lehariya is also commonly used in turbans by men.
7. Lehariya was initially used in sarees and typical ethnic wear, but now Lehariya is a part of modern ethnicity and comes in fusion dresses , suits, lehengas , Dupattas etc.
8.Lehariya Mothra is also considered as auspicious and a sign of a married woman.



Somehow, Lehariya has become so popular in the past few years across the globe, but this traditional sight of Lehariya is yet to be explored. So stay tuned for more insights.

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